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2017 Speakers

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Education Oversight Committee:

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Jerry Kartzinel, M.D., FAAP

Dr Jerry Kartzinel is Board Certified pediatrician and a Fellow in the American Academy of Pediatrics. He specializes in the recovery of neurodevelopmental, chronic neuro-inflammatory diseases, and hormonal dysfunctions. After receiving his medical degree at St Louis University School of Medicine, he completed his residency in pediatric medicine in the Air Force. Following Desert Storm, Dr. Kartzinel practiced general pediatrics in private practice for 10 years until his fourth boy was diagnosed with Autism. A nationally recognized speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Kartzinel has presented medical interventions that work to improve the lives of his patients who suffer from many types of medical conditions that include: autism, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, sleep cycle disruptions, and hormonal imbalances. He regularly teaches Continuing Medical Educations courses on children's health issues to physicians and other health professionals. His clinical approach is to treat the whole patient by carefully obtaining a full and complete history and based on this history, obtaining very detailed laboratory evaluations. Individualized plans are implemented integrating the very latest medical interventions that include both traditional and complimentary medicine approaches.


Dan Rossignol, M.D., FAAFP, FMAP

Dan Rossignol, MD, President of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS), has been part of the International Child Development Resource Center (ICDRC) in Florida and is current faculty at the IHC Centers in Irvine, California. He had previously worked as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia Department of Family Medicine. He received his Doctorate of Medicine at the Medical College of Virginia and completed his residency in family medicine at the University of Virginia. He is the father of two children with autism, ages five and three. Coming from an academic background, Dr. Rossignol searched the medical literature looking for a solution after both of his children were diagnosed with autism. He has made it his mission to research and publish in autism. In the last six years, he has 26 publications and three book chapters concerning autism and related conditions. Dr. Rossignol has a special interest in autism spectrum disorders, PANDAS, cerebral palsy and related neurological and developmental disorders as well as medically complex children and adults. One of his clinical interests is the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in neurodevelopmental disorders including autism.  He has published peer-reviewed studies and many articles on the biomedical therapies for autism, including hyperbaric treatment for children with autism: a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, controlled trial (BMC Pediatrics 2009; 9:21) and his most recent published article, “Hyperbaric oxygen treatment for inflammatory bowel disease: a systematic review and analysis,” (Med Gas Res 2012;2(1):6). Dr. Rossignol is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians (FAAFP).


Anju Usman, M.D., FAAFP, ABIHM, Hom-C

Dr. Anju Usman is director and owner  of True Health Medical Center and Pure Compounding Pharmacy in Naperville, Illinois.  She specializes in biomedical interventions for children with ADD, Autism, Down Syndrome and related disorders. She has been involved in research regarding copper/zinc imbalances, metallothionein dysfunction, biofilm related infections and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. She is on the executive committee for the Autism Society of Illinois, as well as serves on the advisory boards for TACA (Talk About Curing Autism and Generation Rescue).  She is on faculty for MAPs (Medical Academy for Pediatric Special Needs). Dr. Usman received her medical degree from Indiana University and completed a residency in Family Practice at Cook County Hospital, in Chicago, Illinois.  She is board certified in Family Practice and Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).  

2017 Speakers

josh axe
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Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS (Medical Keynote)

Dr. Josh Axe is a certified doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic and clinical nutritionist with a passion to help people get healthy by using food as medicine. In 2008, he started a functional medicine center in Nashville, which grew to become one of the most renowned clinics in the world. Dr. Axe founded one of the most visited natural health website in the world at, which has over 12 million monthly visitors, where the main topics include nutrition, natural medicine, fitness, healthy recipes, home remedies and trending health news. He has authored several bestselling books including Eat Dirt, The Real Food Diet Cookbook and Essential Oils Ancient Medicine. Dr. Axe has been a regular guest expert on the Dr. Oz Show covering such topics as the gut microbiome, weight loss, digestive health and herbal medicine. Dr. Josh Axe and his wife Dr. Chelsea live in Nashville, TN, where they enjoy making healthy gourmet meals like homemade gluten-free pizza, paddle boarding, doing ginger shots, Burst training and going hiking with their dogs Oakley and Flash.


Stephen Genuis, M.D. (Medical Keynote)

Dr. Stephen Genuis is a clinician and researcher involved in many areas of medical science. He is board certified in both Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as in Environmental Medicine and has authored over 110 scientific publications for over 50 different peer-review medical journals (available at Researchgate) including Lancet, British Medical Journal, Canadian Medical Association Journal, Public Library of Science, Public Health, and Environmental Research. In addition to writing, he lectures extensively and has reviewed papers for over 70 different scientific and medical publications on issues ranging from medical ethics to environmental health, from evidence-based medicine to nutritional science, and from physician professionalism to medicine and cyberspace. He has served as the women’s health care physician for an inner city clinic, worked as an Obstetrician/Gynecologist at a University teaching hospital, and served as co-director of medical services in a West African hospital. Included in his awards are the Commemorative Medal from the Governor General in recognition of significant contribution to Canada, the 1983 ‘Resident of the Year’ award chosen by the graduating medical class at the University of Alberta medical school, and a ‘Teacher of the Year’ award from the University of Alberta – where he serves as a Clinical Professor in the Faculty of Medicine. Most importantly, he enjoys ballroom dancing with his wife Shelagh, and being “Pa” to his five kids (and their partners), and being “Opa” to a growing herd of grandbabies. His work can be found at


Will Cole, D.C. (General Session)

Leading functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Will Cole brings years of experience in clinically investigating underlying factors to create customized health programs for chronic conditions such as thyroid issues, autoimmune, hormonal dysfunctions, digestive disorders, brain issues, and adrenal fatigue. He is skilled in pinpointing the biochemical, physical, and hormonal causes of many conditions through the latest advancements in diagnostic testing in order to guide people to thriving healthy lives. Dr. Will Cole consults locally in Pittsburgh as well as virtually via webcam and phone consultations for people across the country and around the world at

Dr. Will Cole graduated from the Southern California University of Health Sciences in Los Angeles, California and has his post doctorate education and training in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition through the Institute for Functional Medicine and Functional Medicine University. He is a health writer for international publications such as mindbodygreen and lectures nationally.


James B. Adams, Ph.D.

Dr. Adams is the Director of the Autism/Asperger's Research Program at Arizona State University. His research focuses on the medical causes of autism and how to treat and prevent it including the areas of nutrition (vitamins/minerals, essential fatty acids, carnitine, digestive enzymes, special diets), oxidative stress, gut problems, gut bacteria, toxic metals, and seizures. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed scientific articles, including 35 related to autism. He is also the President of the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix, the President of the Autism Nutrition Research Center, the co-leader of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Autism Research Institute, and chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Neurological Health Foundation. He has an adult daughter with autism.


Ronald Aung-Din, M.D., PA

Dr. Ronald Aung-Din practices General Neurology & Neuro-Psychiatry in Sarasota, FL. He is board-certified by American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology; and member, American Academy of Neurology.

After studies in Mechanical and Environmental Engineering at Bucknell (Lewisburg, PA) and Cornell (Ithaca, NY) Universities, he worked for a period as an engineer. He then attended Columbia University in New York City for Premedical studies, followed by Medical School at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, TX. Residencies in Neurology and Neurosurgery were at University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. Additional studies included a Medical Student Fellowship in Cardiology at Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford and Clinical Neurology Postgraduate Fellowship at National Hospital for Nervous Disease, Queen Square, London, UK.

Through affiliation with Lovelace Scientific Resources, Inc., Albuquerque, NM and his own clinical practice, he has participated in over 60 pharmaceutical industry-sponsored clinical trials. He currently functions as Principal Investigator in a number of ongoing drug research studies in MS, epilepsy, pain, Parkinson’s disease; and other neurological and psychiatric disorders. Dr. Aung-Din is also active in treating varied conditions using delivery of neuro-active drugs with Direct Effects Therapy, a technology developed by him for which 8 patents have to date been granted in the United States, Europe, and Australia; with others pending.

Publications using this novel therapy in migraine, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetic neuropathy appeared in Drug Delivery Technology, Vol.10. No 8, p. 48, October 2010 and Drug Delivery Technology, Vol. 9. No 9, p. 44, October 2009,; and in June 2015 “THERAPEUTIC FOCUS - Direct Effects(TM) Diabetic Neuropathy Therapy: Treating Symptoms & Modifying Disease.” Publications on the use of cannabinoids also appeared in June 2016 and May 2017 issues of DDT.

Direct Effects Therapy is unique in that therapeutic effect occurs through cutaneous free-nerve endings with direct afferent connections to CNS. As such, general circulation and blood-brain-barrier are bypassed, with avoidance of systemic side effects and drug interactions. Therapeutic benefits are also frequently realized within a short period, less than 15 minutes. AfGin Pharma, LLC was founded by Dr. Aung-Din in 2009 to advance this unique technology and its goal of “Enhanced Neuro-Therapeutics through Direct Effects Topical Technology;” website:



Lisa Barli, LMSW

Lisa is the founder of the grassroots parent support group Rescue Angel Network of North Texas (RANNT).  Parent of 2 children recovering from medical complexities (one recovered from autism).  Has been mentoring parents and advocating in the area of autism prevention and recovery for more than 12 years.


Dave Borden

Dave is a full-time Dad and the writer behind the website His days are spent homeschooling both his 11-year-old son with severe autism along with his 3-year-old daughter. You may have seen him on Facebook cooking nutritious paleo dishes next to his sous chef, his 9-year-old son Gavin.

When he’s not caring for his family, Dave is busy sharing his knowledge and experience with others. In addition to his own site,, Dave’s writing has been published various places across the web including the Generation Rescue blog. The road to better health, hope, and healing was a bumpy one. Today, it is his mission to share his insights and help make that road smoother for other parents.


Andrew W. Campbell, M.D.

Dr. Campbell was educated in Switzerland where he graduated from prep school at age 14. He completed college in 3 years, and then graduated from medical school. Dr. Campbell continued his training at the Orlando Regional Medical Center and at the Medical College of Georgia. He was medical director of the Medical Center for Immune and Toxic Disorders in Houston for 20 years. Dr. Campbell has published over 80 studies in peer-reviewed medical journals and chapters in medical textbooks. Dr. Campbell has received awards from many organizations, both medical and consumer, national and international. He is fluent in French, Spanish, Arabic, Hungarian and English. He has been on several television shows, including 20/20, the Montel Williams Show, 24 Hour Investigative News and has been interviewed by NBC, ABC and CBS affiliates throughout the United States as well as television programs in Canada and Mexico. He currently is the editor-in-chief of two peer reviewed and indexed medical journals, and is an advisor to several companies.


David Dornfeld, D.O.

Dr. David Dornfeld has been practicing family medicine for 31 years, with extensive experience covering the full spectrum of clinical family medicine, including children beyond the age of two. Throughout this time, he has developed a special interest in working with children who have autism spectrum disorders. His experience encompasses all spectrums of family medicine, spinal manipulation, chelation therapy, IV infusion therapy, and hyperbaric therapies. Focusing on whole body and alternative therapy techniques, he alleviates pain in patients through hands-on osteopathic therapy, manipulation, and nutritional support, with additional experience that encompasses nutritional counseling, diving medicine, chelation therapy, weight loss, and many areas of holistic medicine and primary care medicine. He received his degree in osteopathic medicine from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, Maine, then completed his residency and internship at Rocky Mountain Hospital, Denver, Colorado, and Doctors Hospital of Stark County, Massillon, Ohio. He is Board certified, family practice, 1995 ACOFP, and board certified in anti-aging medicine by the International Society of Anti-Aging 2000. Dr. Dornfeld has been a member of ACAM, the American College for Advancement in Medicine, since 1994 and became certified in chelation therapy. He completed his fellowship training with MAPS in 2013. Recently, he was the only US physician asked to participate in an Autism Summit in Cairo, Egypt, expanding his guidance to help physicians in the Middle East combat the issues associated with recovering children and adults suffering with autism spectrum disorders. His Family Wellness Center is in Middletown, NJ.


Giuseppina Benincasa-Feingold, M.D.

Dr. Feingold is a Board Certified Pediatrician, and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and has specialized training in pediatrics and pediatric emergency care. For 12 years, she was in charge of a busy inner city ER in NYC. She was also Assistant Director of Pediatrics at Nyack Hospital.

As a mother of five children with a hectic work schedule, Dr. Feingold recognized the need for a pediatric emergency room, with after-hours care in The Bronx, as well as Manhattan (Chelsea), and today she is proud to offer an after-hours facility with extended hours seven days a week. She is the owner and operator of Moonlight Pediatrics in New York.


Tracy Fritz, M.D.

Dr. Tracy Fritz is cofounder of Little Flower Center for Integrative Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. She provides specialized care to patient populations including children with Autism Spectrum and related disorders.

Dr. Fritz received her B.A. in English Literature from Boston University. She received her M.D. from Tufts University School of Medicine. She completed her residency in family medicine at Naval Hospital Pensacola. Dr. Fritz is a fellow in the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS).


Kristin Selby Gonzalez

Kristin Selby Gonzalez joined Enzymedica in 2008, serving as Director of Autism Education. As the company’s primary link to the autism community, she has advised Enzymedica with respect to company policy and product formulation for children on the spectrum, and counseled directly with parents on the use of Enzymedica’s products. She has given lectures worldwide, educating thousands throughout the years on different strategies to help children on the autism spectrum. In addition to her trainings and certifications, Kristin brings her own experience as a mother of a child on the spectrum. As of September 2012, Kristin leads Enzymedica's philanthropic work at Autism Hope Alliance where she is now serving as President/Chairman.


Ernesto Gutierrez, M.D. 

Ernesto Gutierrez’s training background includes an MD degree from Anáhuac University's Faculty of Medicine –the most prestigious private medical school in Latin America– as well as training in the US and abroad achieving additional degrees in Age Management and Regenerative Medicine.

He currently serves as Chief Medical Officer for World Stem Cells Clinic and Rehealth, the premier destinations for autologous and allogeneic stem cell therapies in the world. His passion towards the development of novel therapeutic approaches to treat previously untreatable conditions has driven the clinic’s team to develop a unique, safe and highly effective Advanced Stem Cell Therapy for Autism which has already changed the lives of hundreds of autistic patients and their families.

Dr. Gutierrez is a Faculty Member for the Metabolic Medical Institute’s Stem Cell Fellowship as well as a lecturer at the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine (A4M), Generation Rescue, and the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS). He also regularly participates in peer-led interviews, podcasts, webinars and in person seminars aimed at patients and stem cell advocates.


Suzanne Humphries, M.D.

Dr. Humphries is a conventionally educated medical doctor who was a participant in the conventional hospital system from 1989 until 2011. After leaving the hospital in good standing, of her own volition in 2011, she has been furthering her research, lecturing in various parts of the world, writing books, and conducting her own private practice in Maine and Virginia.

She holds current American Board of Internal Medicine certifications in internal medicine and nephrology.

Dissolving Illusions was co-authored by Dr. Suzanne and Roman Bystryanyk. Rising from the dead, her autobiography and insider view of the medical system was released in 2016.

Her latest adventures have included traveling with Polly Tommey on the VAXXED bus touring the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.


Darin Ingels, N.D. 

Dr. Ingels is a respected leader in natural medicine with numerous publications, international lectures and more than 20 years experience in the healthcare field.

He is a licensed naturopathic physician in the State of Connecticut and a licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in the State of California, where he maintains practices in both states. He also has a practice in Manhattan, New York, where he serves as a health consultant.

Dr. Ingels has been published extensively and is the author of two books, The Natural Pharmacist: Lowering Cholesterol (Prima, 1999) and Natural Treatments for High Cholesterol (Prima, 2000). He is a former medical journalist and contributing author to Healthnotes Newswire, a medical report of the latest journal articles on nutritional and botanical medicine. He has also written a chapter on allergy desensitization for autistic children in “Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism” (Skyhorse, 2014).

Dr. Ingels’ practice focuses on autistic spectral disorders with special emphasis on chronic immune dysfunction, including allergies, asthma, recurrent or persistent infections and other genetic or acquired immune problems. He uses diet, nutrients, herbs, homeopathy and immunotherapy to help his children achieve better health.


Jennifer Keese M.Ed, BCBA

Jennifer Keese is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Certified Autism Specialist who has gained fifteen years of experience providing services to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Jennifer has provided services in home, clinical, classroom, residential and hospital settings. She has also provided classroom consultation and professional trainings for school districts as well as individual educational evaluations. She has been an invited speaker at local universities as well as national and international organization presenting on topics such as executive functioning, advanced social cognition, how to teach advanced language skills, and behavior management.

She received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Houston, and her M.Ed. in Special Education from the University of North Texas. She also holds an Autism Specialist Certificate, Safety Care Trainer certification and Certification in Behavior Analysis. Jennifer is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Psychology with an emphasis in child and adolescent development and oversees training at her practice as a UTD affiliate. Jennifer is the proud recipient of the Angel award from the National Autism Association of North Texas for 2017 and has been featured in many publications most recently in the Houston Business Journal.

Jennifer has extensive experience in developing programs related to language development, flexible thinking, advanced cognitive and social behaviors, academics, self-monitoring, and treatment of severe aggression, self-injury and vocational training. Jennifer has published articles related to Autism and puberty and the development and understanding of abstract language for individuals on the spectrum.

Jennifer is a member of Texas Association of Behavior Analysis (TxABA), the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA), the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), a member of the North Texas Autism special interest group and is a charter member of the Texas Behavior Analysis Public Policy Group.

Jennifer is currently the owner and executive director of Concept Connections LTD a clinical practice dedicated to the treatment of autism and other developmental disabilities across the lifespan.


Russell Lehmann

Russell is an award-winning and internationally recognized motivational speaker, author, poet and advocate, who also happens to have autism himself. Russell began to experience symptoms and struggles around the age of three, however not a single doctor or specialist could figure out what was happening.

In 2003, at the age of 12, Russell was admitted to the psychiatric ward at a local hospital. He stayed there for five weeks, which were some of the toughest of his life. He unfortunately left this hospital without any diagnosis. Later that year, in 2003, Russell was finally diagnosed with autism at the University of Washington’s Autism Center.

In 2017 Russell made international headlines when he wrote a heartwarming Facebook post about a meltdown he had at an airport, and the airline employee who helped him through it. It quickly went viral and was featured on Yahoo! News, USA Today, Autism Speaks and countless other media platforms. Everybody everywhere was encouraged to #BeLikeDavid! Russell has a raging fire within him to stand up for those who are not yet strong enough to do so themselves. His goals in life are to erase the stigma and stereotypes that come with having a disability, and to make this world a better place by spreading hope, awareness, acceptance, belief and tolerance.


Paul Louden

Paul Louden is a noted public speaker, author and autism advocate. As an adult on the autism spectrum, Paul is able to provide a unique perspective into the autistic mind. He truly believes that as a society we need to go beyond awareness and move toward understanding, which will lead to integration and ultimately the acceptance of people with Autism and all people with disabilities. Paul's popularity in the disability community has led to features in Autism World magazine and his own radio show broadcast from Houston, TX. Paul has also presented at disability conferences, both in the U.S and internationally, as he works to help businesses better understand how to interact with, hire and manage people with disabilities. In March 2017, Paul Louden became an Amazon best-selling author with his book, Behind The Locked Door: Understanding My Life as an Autistic. Since publishing, Paul’s book has helped thousands of parents and business leaders learn more about communicating with people with autism. Paul can be reached through his website:


Benjamin Lynch, N.D.

Benjamin Lynch received his Cell and Molecular Biology, BS from the University of Washington and his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from Bastyr University. His passion for identifying the cause of disease directed him towards nutrigenomics and methylation dysfunction. Currently, he researches, writes and presents worldwide on the topic of MTHFR, methylation defects and genetic control. You may learn more about Dr Lynch and his work at Dr Lynch is the President of, a supplement company oriented towards disease prevention and health promotion. He also founded and directs, an educational institute providing specialized training for both health professionals and consumers.  He lives in Seattle, WA with his wife, Nadia, and three boys, Tasman, Mathew and Theodor.


Dawn Neufeld

Dawn Neufeld is a multi-faceted woman with a heart for her family and children. A native Californian, Dawn was bitten by the acting bug at a young age. Her early training with the Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble and Kevin McDermott’s Center Stage L.A. helped her land roles in several television shows and plays. Although Dawn took a break from the industry during junior high and high school to focus on academics and sports, her love for acting never went away.

Dawn’s “happy place” is in front of the camera. A cast member on VH1’s Football Wives (2010), Dawn most recently hosted The Broadcast – a morning entertainment and talk show airing in several markets in Texas, and Take Charge Parenting – a weekly half-hour parenting show featuring the “Kid’s Doctor” Sue Hubbard. She previously hosted D210 TV, a show featuring the latest in Dallas entertainment and sports, and also co-hosted The Bite, a weekly cutting-edge entertainment show broadcast in high-volume restaurant chains nation-wide. Dawn was also featured in a series of Smart Tips on The Food Network.

Dawn has also graced the covers of several publications including Thrive magazine and Blitz Weekly. In 2013, she was featured on the cover of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram’s “Hot Issue.” She also frequently emcees charity and community events.

Because of her diverse background, Dawn has also been asked to contribute to several national and local news broadcasts. She appeared on the Today Show and WFAA in Dallas to discuss the NFL's recent problems stemming from the Ray Rice domestic violence incident. She made the rounds on media row during Super Bowl XLVIII in New York. She has also appeared on CNN Headline News and Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell addressing various hot topics and legal issues.

Dawn is the reigning Mrs. Frisco and recently competed in the Mrs. Texas America pageant for the seventh time. She enjoys competing in the pageant because it gives her a platform to promote autism awareness. Her son Will was diagnosed with the spectrum disorder when he was three years old.

During her spare time, Dawn enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, Will and Bryn, and participating in her favorite charities. Dawn served on the board of the Dallas Theater Center and currently serves on the Helping Restore Ability board. She is also a member of the Junior League of Dallas. She is an active participant and former board member of Off the Field, the national football wives association.


Ryan Neufeld

Ryan grew up in Morgan Hill, California and attended Live Oak High School where he excelled in football, track and basketball. After high school, Ryan went to UCLA on a full athletic scholarship. During his last two seasons the Bruins enjoyed a 20-game win streak and won back-to-back Pac-10 championships.

After graduating from UCLA, Ryan embarked on a ten-year professional football career that wasn’t always easy. Ryan signed with the Dallas Cowboys in 1999 and played one season as a fullback and special teamer before being allocated to play in NFL Europe for the Rhein Fire. Ryan came back from Dusseldorf, Germany with a World Bowl championship ring but the Cowboys cut him after training camp in 2000. He went on to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars that year. In 2001 Ryan was preparing for another season with the Jaguars when he got cut during training camp and didn’t play a down of football that season. Ryan got another opportunity in 2002 with the Seahawks but was cut again after training camp and spent another season out of football. After two disappointing years out of football, Ryan went on to play five more seasons with the Buffalo Bills. He finished his professional football career playing for the Florida Tuskers and Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League. He retired in 2010.

Ryan and his wife Dawn live in Frisco, Texas with their two children Will and Bryn. Will was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. Ryan has made it his mission to use his platform to spread autism awareness and hope for families affected by this disorder. Ryan is also active in Garth Brooks’ foundation Teammates for Kids and is the current director of football operations for the Miracle League of Frisco.


Ken Siri

Ken Siri, author, advocate, and entrepreneur, is the single father of an 19-year-old boy with autism. He has authored several books on autism and serves on the boards of the National Autism Association NY Metro Chapter and The Atlas Foundation for Autism. He is also the subject of the documentary film Big Daddy Autism, currently in production.


Jared M. Skowron, N.D.

Dr. Jared Skowron is the Amazon best-selling author of 100 Natural Remedies For Your Child, and co-founder of the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Dr. Skowron’s life work and passion is to help children using natural therapies instead of unnecessary drugs and medications. Practicing for over ten years, he is one of the country’s leading experts in natural therapies for special needs children with Autism, PDD-NOS, Sensory Processing Disorders, PANDAS, and ADHD.

Dr. Skowron serves on the advisory board of Autism Hope Alliance and editorial board of Natural Practitioner magazine. He is founder of the supplement company, Spectrum Awakening, which creates high quality supplements for children with developmental delays, focus/behavior problems, and sensory disorders.


Barry Smeltzer MPAS, PA-C BCIP

Barry Smeltzer is a holistic practitioner and owner of Healing Provisions, PLLC, specializing in biomedical and environmental medicine. He has his Masters in Physician Assistant studies from Finch University/Chicago Medical School. Barry is Board Certified in Integrative Pediatrics and is a member of the Academy of Environmental Medicine and American Association of Integrative Medicine. Barry has dedicated his career to healing children, adults and families after his own son was diagnosed with multiple medical conditions, from which all he has significantly improved and no longer has a diagnosis of autism. Barry is an expert in the medical benefits of Camel's Milk and utilizing Low Dose Allergen/Low Dose Immunotherapy. He schedules in-office visits at his offices in San Antonio and Austin, TX and is available via Skype and telemedicine consultations upon request. Barry is also the owner of and recently hosted a webinar regarding the significance of and treatments for epigenetics and preconception/pregnancy.


Peter Sullivan

Peter Sullivan is the founder and CEO of Clear Light Ventures, Inc., as well as an environmental health funder who focuses on toxins and wireless safety. 

Over the last 10 years, Peter has funded efforts to reduce mercury and other toxic metals in the environment. He funded roughly half of the National Resource Defense Fund’s mercury program, and in 2008, they successfully sued the EPA to close the cement industry’s exemption from the Clean Air Act. This victory resulted in an annual healthcare savings of approximately 6.7 billion dollars. Additionally, he supported the work of several non-profits working toward the UN’s international mercury treaty (The Minamata Convention on Mercury), which was signed in 2013. 

His efforts are now focused on raising awareness about the known health effects of wireless radiation and EMF (electromagnetic fields), both of which are listed as group group 2B carcinogens by the World Health Organization. He speaks about autism and environmental health at conferences throughout the United States and abroad. 

Peter's work on detoxification and EMF have been featured in the book Toxin Toxout: Getting Harmful Chemicals Out of Our Bodies and Our World, and has also be featured in the 2016 season of CNN's Inside Man with Morgan Spurlock, as well as Mother Jones magazine.

Previously, Peter was a software designer for Netflix, Inc., Interwoven, Inc., Excite@Home, and Silicon Graphics. Prior to working in high-tech, he was an Executive Officer and pilot in the United States Navy. He has a B.A. in psychology from University of Detroit and an M.S. in computer science from Stanford University.

Celebrity Keynote with Jenny McCarthy & Special Guests

Jenny McCarthy Headshot.jpg

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy’s honesty, humility and humor have enabled her to transcend the boundaries of her roles as comedian, actress, host, best-selling author and influential activist in the world of healing and preventing autism. When she first made her own experience with her son Evan’s diagnosis and subsequent recovery from autism, her unique ability to articulate the unspoken words of thousands of mothers and fathers across the world was recognized immediately. A highly-regarded NY Times Best Selling author, McCarthy’s books include the bestsellers Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism and Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds, and  Healing and Preventing Autism, co-written with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel. 

Upon completion of her 10th book, Jenny decided to re-focus her attention on her first love – TV, radio and comedy. The actress and one-time “Singled Out” star co-hosted with the ladies of ABC’s The View during the 2013-2014 season in addition to co-hosting Ryan Seacrest, reporting live from Times Square on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” every December 31st.

Jenny is a board member of Generation Rescue, an organization dedicated to recovery for children with autism spectrum disorders by providing guidance and support for medical treatment to directly improve the child’s quality of life for all families in need.
Currently, you can listen to Jenny every morning on The Jenny McCarthy show on Sirius XM.

Jenny McCarthy currently resides in New York,  with her son, Evan and husband, Donnie Wahlberg.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s reputation as a resolute defender of the environment stems from a litany of successful legal actions. Mr. Kennedy was named one of Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet” for his success helping Riverkeeper lead the fight to restore the Hudson River. The group’s achievement helped spawn 300 Waterkeeper organizations across the globe.

Mr. Kennedy serves as Senior Attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council, Chief Prosecuting Attorney for the Hudson Riverkeeper and President of Waterkeeper Alliance. He is also a Clinical Professor and Supervising Attorney at Pace University School of Law’s Environmental Litigation Clinic and is of counsel to Morgan & Morgan, a nationwide personal injury practice. He is co-host of Ring of Fire on Air America Radio. Earlier in his career he served as Assistant District Attorney in New York City.

He has worked on environmental issues across the Americas and has assisted several indigenous tribes in Latin America and Canada in successfully negotiating treaties protecting traditional homelands. He is credited with leading the fight to protect New York City’s water supply. The New York City watershed agreement, which he negotiated on behalf of environmentalists and New York City watershed consumers, is regarded as an international model in stakeholder consensus negotiations and sustainable development.

Among Mr. Kennedy’s published books are the New York Times’ bestseller Crimes Against Nature (2004), The Riverkeepers (1997), and Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr: A Biography (1977) and two children’s books St Francis of Assisi (2005), American Heroes: Joshua Chamberlain and the American Civil War and Robert Smalls: The Boat Thief (2008). His articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Atlantic Monthly, Esquire, The Nation, Outside Magazine, The Village Voice, and many other publications. His award-winning articles have been included in anthologies of America’s Best Crime Writing, Best Political Writing and Best Science Writing.

Mr. Kennedy is a graduate of Harvard University. He studied at the London School of Economics and received his law degree from the University of Virginia Law School. Following graduation he attended Pace University School of Law, where he was awarded a Masters Degree in Environmental Law.

He is a licensed master falconer, and as often as possible he pursues a life-long enthusiasm for white-water paddling. He has organized and led several expeditions in Canada and Latin America, including first descents on three little known rivers in Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela.


Sharhonda Stockman

Stockman, co-founder of Micah's Voice, is a wife, mother and film and TV producer, who has also worked in the music industry. She met Boyz II Men singer Shawn Stockman while working with the group in the early 90s. The two fell in love and wed in 2001. Sharhonda and Shawn are the parents of twin boys, Micah and Ty, and a daughter, Brooklyn. One of the twins, Micah, was diagnosed with autism at an early age. The journey the Stockman's have been on since Micah's diagnosis led them to found Micah's Voice, a non-profit which provides financial support and much needed resources to families living with an autism diagnosis. Through their programs, Micah’s Voice empowers families and gives a voice to these special children, so that they can enjoy the best quality of life possible.


Donnie Wahlberg

Wahlberg is an artist who knows no limits, and his diverse career proves just that.  As the star of the hit TV show Blue Bloods on CBS, the Executive Producer five-television show as well as the engine behind NKOTB, Donnie has captured the attention of audiences worldwide.

Wahlberg is the Executive producer of the Emmy nominated unscripted series Wahlburgers, a behind-the-scenes look at the titular restaurant owned by his brother Paul Wahlberg as well as both Donnie and Mark. Along with his wife Jenny McCarthy he Executive Produces/stars in Donnie Loves Jenny, which allows fan’s to get a behind the scenes look at the first year of marriage between Donnie and his wife Jenny McCarthy.  Other shows include the ½ hour comedy “The Wahlbergs” which is in development at ABC, Rock The Boat, and prior to that "Boston's Finest," a docudrama following the personal and professional lives of members of the Boston Police Department.  

Wahlberg's film career includes a pivotal role in "The Sixth Sense," which was originally written for a 13-year-old boy until Wahlberg met with M. Night Shyamalan to inquire about rights for a theater production and ended up convincing the writer/director that no one else but he could play the role.  Also, he co-starred with Mel Gibson in "Ransom" directed by Ron Howard, and starred in the independent film, "Southie."  Other film credits include "Saw II," "Annapolis" and the independent film, "Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing & Charm School."  He also co-starred with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro in "Righteous Kill."  Wahlberg co-wrote the feature "What Doesn’t Kill You," in which he co-starred with Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke, and also co-starred opposite Kevin James in "The Zookeeper."

Wahlberg's television credits include co-starring with Harvey Keitel in the miniseries "Path to 9/11," the award-winning miniseries "Band of Brothers," "The Kill Point" and "Boomtown." 

The eighth of nine children, Wahlberg began performing in plays and banging on pots and pans as early as the first grade.  In high school, he attended a fledgling arts program and became involved in theater, acting, writing and directing plays.  At age 14, he started a band that, in just a few years, went from playing at high school parties to becoming pop music sensation New Kids on the Block.  At the height of the group's popularity, Wahlberg decided to go in another direction by focusing on writing and producing for his brother, Mark.  He then chose to explore his interest in acting and landed a role in "Bullet” with Mickey Rourke and Tupac Shakur, a project that lit a spark and motivated him to devote his energy to the craft of acting.