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2018 Speakers

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Education Oversight Committee:

Kartzinel Headshot.jpg

Jerry Kartzinel, M.D., FAAP

Dr Jerry Kartzinel is Board Certified pediatrician and a Fellow in the American Academy of Pediatrics. He specializes in the recovery of neurodevelopmental, chronic neuro-inflammatory diseases, and hormonal dysfunctions. After receiving his medical degree at St Louis University School of Medicine, he completed his residency in pediatric medicine in the Air Force. Following Desert Storm, Dr. Kartzinel practiced general pediatrics in private practice for 10 years until his fourth boy was diagnosed with Autism. A nationally recognized speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Kartzinel has presented medical interventions that work to improve the lives of his patients who suffer from many types of medical conditions that include: autism, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, sleep cycle disruptions, and hormonal imbalances. He regularly teaches Continuing Medical Educations courses on children's health issues to physicians and other health professionals. His clinical approach is to treat the whole patient by carefully obtaining a full and complete history and based on this history, obtaining very detailed laboratory evaluations. Individualized plans are implemented integrating the very latest medical interventions that include both traditional and complimentary medicine approaches.

Rossignol headshot.jpg

Dan Rossignol, M.D., FAAFP, FMAP

Dan Rossignol, MD, President of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS), has been part of the International Child Development Resource Center (ICDRC) in Florida and is current faculty at the IHC Centers in Irvine, California. He had previously worked as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia Department of Family Medicine. He received his Doctorate of Medicine at the Medical College of Virginia and completed his residency in family medicine at the University of Virginia. He is the father of two children with autism, ages five and three. Coming from an academic background, Dr. Rossignol searched the medical literature looking for a solution after both of his children were diagnosed with autism. He has made it his mission to research and publish in autism. In the last six years, he has 26 publications and three book chapters concerning autism and related conditions. Dr. Rossignol has a special interest in autism spectrum disorders, PANDAS, cerebral palsy and related neurological and developmental disorders as well as medically complex children and adults. One of his clinical interests is the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in neurodevelopmental disorders including autism. He has published peer-reviewed studies and many articles on the biomedical therapies for autism, including hyperbaric treatment for children with autism: a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, controlled trial (BMC Pediatrics 2009; 9:21) and his most recent published article, “Hyperbaric oxygen treatment for inflammatory bowel disease: a systematic review and analysis,” (Med Gas Res 2012;2(1):6). Dr. Rossignol is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians (FAAFP).

Anju Usman-Singh, MD.jpg

Anju Usman Singh, MD, FAAFP, ABIHM, FMAPs, Hom-C

Dr. Anju Usman Singh is director and owner of True Health Medical Center and Pure Compounding Pharmacy in Naperville, Illinois. She specializes in biomedical interventions for children with ADD, Autism, Down Syndrome and related disorders. She has been involved in research regarding copper/zinc imbalances, metallothionein dysfunction, biofilm related infections and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Dr. Usman Singh is a member of the PANS/PANDAS advisory committee to the State of Illinois. She also serves on the medical advisory boards for TACA (Talk About Curing Autism), Autism Hope Alliance and Generation Rescue. She is a fellow for MAPs (Medical Academy for Pediatric Special Needs). Dr. Usman Singh received her medical degree from Indiana University and completed a residency in Family Practice at Cook County Hospital, in Chicago, Illinois. She is board certified in Family Practice and Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).

2018 Speakers

Ronald Aung-Din Headshot.jpeg

Ronald Aung-Din, M.D., PA

Dr. Ronald Aung-Din practices General Neurology & Neuro-Psychiatry in Sarasota, FL. He is board-certified by American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology; and member, American Academy of Neurology. After studies in Mechanical and Environmental Engineering at Bucknell (Lewisburg, PA) and Cornell (Ithaca, NY) Universities, he attended Columbia University in New York City for Premedical studies. Medical School followed at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, TX. Residencies in Neurology and Neurosurgery were at University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. Additional studies included a Medical Student Fellowship in Cardiology at Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford and Clinical Neurology Postgraduate Fellowship at National Hospital for Nervous Disease, Queen Square, London, UK. He has participated in over 60 pharmaceutical industry-sponsored clinical trials dealing with varied neurological disorders. Dr. Aung-Din is also active in using delivery of neuro-active drugs with Direct Effects Technology, developed by him for which 8 patents have to date been granted in the United States and abroad; with others pending. Direct Effects Technology is unique in that therapeutic effect occurs through receptors on cutaneous free-nerve endings with direct connections to the brain. As such, general circulation and blood-brain-barrier are bypassed, with avoidance of systemic side effects and drug interactions usually encountered with drugs used in autism therapy. Therapeutic benefits are also frequently realized within a short period, less than 15 minutes. AfGin Pharma, LLC was founded by Dr. Aung-Din in 2009 to advance this unique technology and its goal of “Enhanced Neuro-Therapeutics through Direct Effects Topical Technology;” website: and

Taz Bhatia MD.jpg

Dr. Taz Bhatia, M.D.

Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, M.D., is a board-certified physician specializing in integrative and emergency medicine, pediatrics and prevention, with expertise in women’s health, weight loss and nutrition. She is the author of What Doctors Eat and The 21-Day Belly Fix and the host of RadioMD’s The Dr. Taz Show: The Super Woman's Whole Health Fix podcast and of the popular YouTube series, Kitchen Cures. She has served as the medical expert for CNN Headline News, a Dr. Oz Sharecare expert, and has been featured in such media outlets as The Dr. Oz Show, TODAY, Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, EXTRA!, Live with Kelly, and The Doctors. She is a contributing editor to Prevention magazine and an Assistant Professor at Emory University. She lives in Atlanta, GA, with her husband and two young children.

Dr Amber Brooks2.jpg

Amber Brooks, DC, CACCP, FNP, BCIP

Dr. Amber Brooks is the author of 15 Things Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Your Child, founder of Whole Child Wellness in Dallas, TX. She is a pediatric expert bridging alternative and traditional medicine by providing individualized and comprehensive approaches to pediatric wellness. Her experience is unique, she is Board Certified in Integrative Pediatrics, Board Certified as a Pediatric Chiropractor, a Family Nurse Practitioner and Craniosacral Therapist. Dr. Brooks has been extremely successful assisting her patients in achieving optimal health and wellness by using the best integrative methods to help support their growing bodies. She provides traditional and alternative medicine for maximal health.

She has developed specialized methods to answer today's biggest pediatric health problems, including allergies, constipation, chronic ear infections, birth trauma, developmental delays, digestive problems, Autism, ADD/ADHD, MTHFR, nutritional, and behavioral problems. Dr. Brooks' extensive experience solving complex pediatric cases and unique perspective of diagnosing the problem rather than treating the symptoms has led to remarkable results worldwide. Parents praise her current yet practical guidance to what a child is struggling with and tools to help the family improve their child's future health.

Zach Bush MD headshot.jpg

Zach Bush, M.D.

Zach Bush, MD is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the country - with expertise in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice/Palliative care. The breakthrough science that Dr. Bush and his colleagues have delivered offer profound new insights into human health and longevity. In 2012 he discovered a family of carbon-based redox molecules made by bacteria. He and his team subsequently demonstrated that this cellular communication network functions to compensate for glyphosate, and many other dietary, chemical, and pharmaceutical toxins that disrupt our body's natural defense systems. This science has resulted in a revolutionary class of dietary supplements, including the product, RESTORE. Dr. Bush points to his kids as the driving force behind his passion for change. He is fiercely motivated by a desire to have them experience a much brighter and healthier future. His education efforts provide a grassroots foundation from which we can launch change in our legislative decisions, ultimately up-shifting consumer behavior to bring about radical change in the mega industries of big farming, big pharma, and Western Medicine at large. Learn more at

will cole.jpg

Dr. Will Cole, IFMCP, DC

Dr. Will Cole, leading functional-medicine expert, consults people around the world via webcam at and locally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors of chronic disease and customizing health programs for thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal dysfunctions, digestive disorders, and brain problems.

Dr. Cole was named one of the top fifty functional-medicine and integrative doctors in the nation and is a health expert for mindbodygreen and goop. Dr. Cole is the author of the forthcoming book, Ketotarian in which he melds the powerful benefits of a ketogenic diet with a plant-based one.


David Dornfeld, D.O.

Dr. David Dornfeld has been practicing family medicine for 31+ years, with extensive experience covering the full spectrum of clinical family medicine, including children beyond the age of two. Throughout this time, he has developed a special interest in working with children who have autism spectrum disorders. His experience encompasses all spectrums of family medicine, spinal manipulation, chelation therapy, IV infusion therapy, and hyperbaric therapies. Focusing on whole body and alternative therapy techniques, he alleviates pain in patients through hands-on osteopathic therapy, manipulation, and nutritional support, with additional experience that encompasses nutritional counseling, diving medicine, chelation therapy, weight loss, and many areas of holistic medicine and primary care medicine. He received his degree in osteopathic medicine from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, Maine, then completed his residency and internship at Rocky Mountain Hospital, Denver, Colorado, and Doctors Hospital of Stark County, Massillon, Ohio. He is Board certified, family practice, 1995 ACOFP, and board certified in anti-aging medicine by the International Society of Anti-Aging 2000. Dr. Dornfeld has been a member of ACAM, the American College for Advancement in Medicine, since 1994 and became certified in chelation therapy. He completed his fellowship training with MAPS in 2013. Recently, he was the only US physician asked to participate in an Autism Summit in Cairo, Egypt, expanding his guidance to help physicians in the Middle East combat the issues associated with recovering children and adults suffering with autism spectrum disorders. He has been interested in reversing the complications of Tick Borne disease as a Lyme Literate member if ILADS since 2010. His Family Wellness Center is in Middletown, NJ.

Dave Foss, DC.jpg

David Foss, D.C.

Dr. David Foss became a chiropractor for the sole purpose of educating, leading and adjusting as many families as possible towards optimal health. Dr. Foss’ oldest brother Troy is autistic. Having life experience with a brother with autism has focused his passion for healing those with neurodevelopmental disorders even greater. Dr. Foss’ deep understanding of chiropractic as well as his knowledge in nutrition, detoxification, therapeutic exercises and advanced healing therapies like HBOT, have made him a leader in his profession.

Dr. Foss is the founder of Vital Wellness Center and has been entrusted and trained to adjust newborns to senior citizens. He has also been selected to adjust college athletes and celebrities including a member of the band Aerosmith. Dr. Foss has spent and continues to spend countless hours and dollars on postgraduate education to maximize his knowledge and skills of chiropractic care, wellness education and nutrition. Dr. Foss has been or is currently associated with the following professional groups and organizations:

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA)
International Chiropractor’s Association (ICA)
Illinois Prairie State Chiropractor’s Association (IPSCA)
Clinic Abroad Doctor – Brazil
Scientific Advisory Committee and Expert Editor for Generation Rescue

Dr. Foss loves to learn and enjoys sports and an active lifestyle. He lives with his beautiful wife Jaime and his two handsome children Gabriel and Mason.

Gutierrez, Ernesto Pic 2016.jpg

Ernesto Gutierrez, M.D.

Ernesto Gutierrez’s training background includes an MD degree from Anáhuac University's Faculty of Medicine –the most prestigious private medical school in Latin America– as well as training in the US and abroad achieving additional degrees in Age Management and Regenerative Medicine.

He currently serves as Chief Medical Officer for World Stem Cells Clinic and Rehealth, the premier destinations for autologous and allogeneic stem cell therapies in the world. His passion towards the development of novel therapeutic approaches to treat previously untreatable conditions has driven the clinic’s team to develop a unique, safe and highly effective Advanced Stem Cell Therapy for Autism which has already changed the lives of hundreds of autistic patients and their families.

Dr. Gutierrez is a Faculty Member for the Metabolic Medical Institute’s Stem Cell Fellowship as well as a lecturer at the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine (A4M), Generation Rescue, and the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS). He also regularly participates in peer-led interviews, podcasts, webinars and in person seminars aimed at patients and stem cell advocates.

jb handley.jpg

JB Handley

JB Handley is the co-founder of Generation Rescue, inspired by the journey of his son, Jamison, and co-producer of the documentary film Autism Yesterday.

JB is also the co-founder of Swander Pace Capital, a middle-market private equity fund with more than $1 billion under management, a frequent contributor for Medium, and host of the podcast, ‘How to End the Autism Epidemic.’ He has made several television appearances, including Larry King Live, The Doctors, and CNN.

He is a graduate of Stanford University and lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Lisa, and their three children.

His new book, How to End the Autism Epidemic is set to debut this September.

Terri Hirning Headshot.jpg

Terri Hirning

Terri Hirning is a holistic wellness and detoxification practitioner in Flagstaff, AZ. She works with clients all over the world to educate them on ways to support optimal health, wellness and detox practices. Terri integrates many modalities in her work. Her background of having worked for The Great Plains Laboratory gives her a strong basis and understanding of their laboratory testing. She also currently works for New Beginnings Nutritionals and is highly trained in the implementation of supplement programs, in conjunction with a healthy diet, to support optimal wellness. Add that to the extensive knowledge of nutrient dense and healing foods, she puts together a complete program that is actually implementable for individuals and families! She is currently studying to be a Traditional Naturopath. Her son Matthew is the inspiration for her work with others, he is considered recovered from autism so it is through their journey that she really has an understanding of the intricate issues that can be involved in this disorder. Terri is a member of The Thinking Moms Revolution, Team TMR and her son’s story of autism recovery is in their second book, Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing.

Annie Hopper .jpg

Annie Hopper

Annie Hopper has a global mission. To take the “mystery” out of “mysterious illness”. Hopper explains how brain trauma can be at the very root of chronic illness and disease. Moreover, Hopper empowers people with the tools that they need to rewire their brain, transform their health and reclaim their lives.

Hopper is in the business of what others would call “medical miracles.”

Hopper knows what its like to suffer from a mysterious illness that the medical system cannot diagnosis or effectively treat. In 2004, while working as a busy counselor, newspaper columnist and talk show guest as an expert in Emotional Wellness, her health started to rapidly deteriorate. Mysterious symptoms like unexplainable insomnia, headaches, body aches and pains, chronic exhaustion and an increasing list of sensitivities ensued. Toxic overload was the eventual diagnosis. But even after undergoing detoxification treatments and an extensive list of healing treatments from over thirty different practitioners, her symptoms continued to escalate. This was the beginning of what can only be described as a type of science fiction nightmare. After almost 4 years of suffering that eventually led to homelessness, Hopper deduced that a toxic brain trauma was most likely at the root of her suffering. Hopper went on to creatively rewire the neural circuits in her brain that had been altered due to toxic trauma and the symptoms of illness eventually dissipated.

Ingels Headshot.jpg

Darin Ingels, ND, FAAEM

Dr. Ingels is a respected leader in natural medicine with numerous publications, international lectures and more than 28 years experience in the healthcare field. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in medical technology from Purdue University and his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Ingels completed a residency program at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health. Prior to attending medical school, Dr. Ingels worked as a clinical microbiologist/immunologist at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL. He is a Fellow in good standing with the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

Dr. Ingels has been published extensively and is the author of The Natural Pharmacist: Lowering Cholesterol (Prima, 1999) and Natural Treatments for High Cholesterol (Prima, 2000). He is a former medical journalist and contributing author to Healthnotes Newswire, a medical report of the latest journal articles on nutritional and botanical medicine. Dr. Ingels has also written a chapter on allergy desensitization for autistic children in “Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism” (Skyhorse, 2014). He is the author of The Lyme Solution: A 5-Part Plan to Fight the Inflammatory Auto-Immune Response and Beat Lyme Disease (Avery, 2018), which covers an integrative, natural approach to the treatment and management of Lyme disease.

Dr. Ingels’ practice focuses on environmental medicine with special emphasis on chronic immune dysfunction, including Lyme disease, autism, allergies, asthma, PANDAS, recurrent or persistent infections and other genetic or acquired immune problems. His practice is comprised of both children and adults. He uses diet, nutrients, herbs, homeopathy and immunotherapy to help his patients achieve better health.

Dr. Patricia Kane photo.jpg

Patricia Kane, PhD

Dr. Patricia Kane, PhD serves as Director of the NeuroLipid Research Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization in Millville, New Jersey. Her expertise in addressing neurological, genetic and epigenetic disorders with targeted bioactive lipid
intervention has led to direct neurometabolic application utilized by physicians and researchers worldwide. Dr. Kane's clinical experience, working as a 'living library' for physicians, spans 40 years. She pioneered targeted neurometabolic
application of university based red cell fatty acid analysis for the past 23 years. In 2008, she applied a specialized epigenetic analysis ‘a portal into the cell’ whereby images of the membrane surface, phospholipids and mitochondria of
each patient along with their DNA adducts (toxins attached to mitochondrion and nuclear DNA) were utilized to approach the patient’s epigenetic aberrations. Dr. Kane’s work has expedited the incorporation of current research and evidence based medicine directly into clinical practice to yield resolution of some of the complex medical disorders of our time. Dr. Kane's dedication and success in working with fragile brain architecture has brought her widespread recognition in the field of biometabolic intervention by blending lipid bench science and medical lipid research with clinical medicine.

Jenny KEESE.jpg

Jenny Keese, M.Ed, BCBA

Jennifer Keese is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Certified Autism Specialist who has gained fifteen years of experience providing services to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. She has provided services based in clinical, home, classroom, residential group, hospital and community settings throughout Texas and Oklahoma. She has been an invited speaker at local universities, national and international organizations presenting on topics such as executive functioning, advanced social cognition, how to teach advanced language skills, and behavior management. Recently, she was an invited speaker at the Autism One conference in Chicago and the Autism Education Summit hosted by Generation Rescue.

Debra Kerper.jpg

Debra Kerper

Debra Kerper's desire to pursue a career in accessible travel came from her personal experience as a physically challenged traveler. Debra has been living with Lupus since the age of 20 and became a below knee amputee at the age of 29. She has undergone over 30 surgeries and has spent much time using a wheelchair as well as enjoying long periods of good health and short distance walking. She has a very keen understanding of medical ailments and disabling conditions resulting from excessive time spent in hospitals and outpatient rehab facilities. In February, 2016 Debra had serious vascular problems resulting in the amputation of her left leg. Adjusting to life as a bilateral amputee has not been easy. Debra did not allow this new life changing event to get in her way….she continued to work full time and travel. Since surgery, she has escorted groups to Alaska, the Mediterranean, the Baltic, Ireland and Hawaii. Her mantra is "Just Doing It Differently". Debra travels extensively with a wheelchair and/or a scooter and has learned how to MINIMIZE THE FRUSTRATIONS while MAXIMIZING THE ENJOYMENT of visiting new and exciting destinations. She has visited more than 30 countries and has been on over 100 cruises. She is able to share her knowledge and expertise with people with disabilities as well as those who simply want to travel at a more leisurely pace. She is a member of Royal Caribbean's Accessible Travel Agent Advisory Board.

Dr. Joseph Mercola .jpg

Joseph Mercola, DO

Board certified as a family physician and treated over 20,000 patients before starting over 20 years ago which is the most visited natural health site in the world for the last 13 years with over 30 million unique views a month. Also author of over a dozen bestselling books.

Amy Myers, MD.jpg

Amy Myers, M.D.

Amy Myers, MD is a renowned leader in Functional Medicine and New York Times Bestselling author of The Autoimmune Solution and The Thyroid Connection. She received her Doctorate in Medicine from LSU Health Sciences Center and spent five years working in emergency medicine before training with the Institute of Functional Medicine. She has helped hundreds of thousands around the world recover from chronic illness through her dietary-based program, The Myers Way®, and she has created multiple interactive eBooks and eCourses to guide readers through her revolutionary approach to health. Her blog and website serve as a beacon of hope to the many sufferers of chronic illness.

Her second book, The Thyroid Connection, a 28-day program to overcome thyroid dysfunction and jumpstart your health, is now available for

Mieko Perez.jpg

Mieko Perez

In 2009, Mieko Hester-Perez decided to go public with her son's success with medical cannabis and since that day in 2009, she has become a source of inspiration and information for families looking to explore unconventional and holistic treatment options within the autism spectrum. Mieko diligently leads the pack with tremendous knowledge regarding laws, regulations, products and a plethora of family resource options. She possesses personal knowledge and experience navigating through treatment options resulting in positive outcomes for families throughout the world. Although medical marijuana is not known to be a cure for autism, it has proven to facilitate life for her son and has ushered him into documented progressive development.

The combination of 20 years of legal experience and over 15 years of special education knowledge, make Mieko a modern day “warrior mom” within the industry. As Co-Founder of, she consults with families, autism organizations, universities and healthcare professionals. In 2012, Mieko was awarded the Evelyn DuPont Award for improving the lives of children with autism and she has also received special recognition from Congress for her many hours of community service and dedication. She most recently was also the recipient of the 2016 Lifetime Advocate Award at the Chalice Festival.

Ron Pettit.jpg

Ron Pettit

Ron Pettit is Director, Disability Inclusion & ADA Compliance at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Ron’s passion is to enable guests with disabilities to have a great cruise vacation experience and make Royal Caribbean a great place to work for employees with disabilities. He is responsible for the accessible guest experience and product development as well as Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance for three global brands – Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises. He leads our Access and Accessible Shore Excursions Departments. In addition, Ron is:

Founding Chair of our new Disability Employee Resource Group, now called Royal Organization for Abilities Resources (ROAR); a group of over 75 employees with disabilities and their allies in South Florida, Wichita, KS, and Springfield, OR.

President of the Board of Directors of the South Florida Business Leadership Network (a local affiliate of the national USBLN), a business to business organization promoting disability inclusion in the workplace, marketplace and supply chain.

Advisor to the Center of Independent Living of Broward’s Leadership Program, designed to help people with disabilities develop leadership skills to become community and disability advocates.

Ron received a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communication Arts and Sciences from Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Marco Ruggiero Headshot.jpg

Marco Ruggiero MD, PhD

Marco Ruggiero was born in Firenze, Italy in 1956. He graduated from the School of Medicine, in 1980. He has a PhD in Molecular Biology and a specialization in Diagnostic Radiology. He served in the NATO Army as Medical Officer. In 1984-1986 he worked at the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology of Burroughs Wellcome Co, where he published a paper in PNAS sponsored by Nobel Laureate Sir John Vane. He worked at the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, where he performed research on oncogenes and signal transduction. He returned to Italy as Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Firenze until his retirement in 2014. He moved to Arizona in 2015.

In 2017 he published a peer-reviewed study where he discusses the implications of his novel theories in in the field of quantum biology as it relates to autism where the theory of consciousness based on quantum phenomena presents exciting and innovative perspectives for prevention and cure.

David Schoonmaker.jpg

David Schoonmaker

David Schoonmaker is Founder and Sole Proprietor of Chalkin’ Social®, with a primary goal to Get the world talkin’ by chalkin’® with their unique custom hats with removable chalkboards. Any language can be written on a chalkboard and everyone can certainly use a friendly reminder that excessive screen-time should be replaced with some extra face-to-face time.

David is also co-founder of D+R Lathian, a multichannel marketing agency in the healthcare industry. D+R develops strategic campaigns that educate physicians, patients, and caregivers on the appropriate use of therapies. Most programs include non-pharmacologic modalities, like patient education tools, that complement the pharmacologic modality.

David maintains the same philosophy with Chalkin’ Social, which could concurrently complement prescribed therapies for autism, social anxiety, depression, and a host of other communication challenges. David’s Facebook page motto is, “Give more, expect nothing”. Soon after launching Chalkin’ Social he got moving on starting Chalkin’ Social Foundation, Inc. 501(C)(3) non-profit, which has already donated thousands of hats to schools and special needs families. Cutting edge educators use Chalkin’ Social hats as multisensory teaching tools that enhance retention, while special needs schools and parents use them as communication tools, as they’ve proven to be extremely helpful for both delayed-speech and non-verbal autism.

When not at his desk thinking up new creative ideas and ways to help others, David hosts fun Chalkin’ Social activities at schools, called chalktivities, and, presents to educators, healthcare providers, and parents, about the ‘health and happiness’ benefits of social connections with friends, family, and the community.

During his presentations, David shares many personal stories on how magical this passion project has become, and how many of his connections from the past and present have influenced the success of Chalkin’ Social, specifically due to face-to-face discussions with them.

David graduated from the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, in 1991, with a B.A. in Communication Sciences. He has been living in downtown New York City since 2001.


Christopher Shade, PhD

Dr. Christopher Shade, PhD, founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific, continues to be the driving force of development and innovation. Dr. Shade’s vast depth and breadth of knowledge, passion for healing, and intuitive understanding of chemistry and biology are reflected in Quicksilver Scientific’s well-designed detoxification protocols, unique supplement delivery systems, and patented mercury speciation test. Dr. Shade is in high demand as a lecturer and is beloved for his amiability and quick (silver) wit. It is because of Dr. Shade’s many innovations and charismatic personality that Quicksilver Scientific is well recognized globally.

Dr. Shade is a recognized expert on mercury and liposomal delivery systems. He has lectured and trained doctors in the U.S. and internationally on the subject of mercury, heavy metals, and the human detoxification system. Dr. Shade developed the patented liquid chromatographic mercury speciation technology used at Quicksilver Scientific while conducting his PhD dissertation work with advisor Robert Hudson at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This technology was used to create the Mercury Tri-Test.

Dr. Shade's current focus is on the development of cutting-edge, lipid-based delivery systems for nutraceuticals, such as liposomes and micro-emulsion systems, to address the growing need of high quality, affordable detoxification solutions.

Dr William Shaw.png

William Shaw, PhD

William Shaw, PhD, is board certified in the fields of clinical chemistry and toxicology by the American Board of Clinical Chemistry. Before he founded The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc., Dr. Shaw worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Children's Mercy Hospital, University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Medicine, and Smith Kline Laboratories. He is the author of Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD, originally published in 1998 and Autism: Beyond the Basics, published in 2009. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide.

Dr. Shaw is the stepfather of a child with autism and has helped thousands of patients and medical practitioners to successfully improve the lives of people with autism, AD(H)D, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, bipolar disorder, chronic fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, immune deficiencies, multiple sclerosis, OCD, Parkinson's disease, seizure disorders, tic disorders, Tourette syndrome, and other serious conditions.


Jared Skowron, N.D.

Dr. Jared Skowron is the Amazon best-selling author of 100 Natural Remedies For Your Child, and co-founder of the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Dr. Skowron’s life work and passion is to help children using natural therapies instead of unnecessary drugs and medications. Practicing for over ten years, he is one of the country’s leading experts in natural therapies for special needs children with Autism, PDD-NOS, Sensory Processing Disorders, PANDAS, and ADHD.

Dr. Skowron serves on the advisory board of Autism Hope Alliance and editorial board of Natural Practitioner magazine. He is founder of the supplement company, Spectrum Awakening, which creates high quality supplements for children with developmental delays, focus/behavior problems, and sensory disorders.

Kendal_Stewart_Headshot (1).jpg

Kendal Stewart, M.D.

Dr. Kendal Stewart's educational background includes a BA with Honors in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin followed by his Medical Doctorate from the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. During his time in Medical School, he received the Distinguished Student of Clinical Medicine Award for his class in 1988. Additionally, during his medical school years, he was a biomedical research assistant in the Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at MD Anderson Cancer Institute under the tutelage of Takahashi Yamora, PhD. His area of research involved the biochemical analysis of surface protein markers in colorectal cancer. During his residency at the Univ. of Texas Houston Affiliated Hospitals/MD Anderson Cancer Institute he received awards including the Outstanding Clinical Resident Teaching Award in 1993 and was awarded the Outstanding Resident Research Award and Scholarship from the Texas Medical Association/Texas Association of Otolaryngology in 1992. He was specifically chosen for a highly sought after clinical fellowship in Otology/Neurotology - Skull Base Surgery at Baylor University Center in Dallas, TX and served as a Clinical Adjunctive Professor during this time.

Dr. Kendal Stewart is Board Certified in Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery and has sub specialty training in Otology/Neurotology - Skull Base Surgery. He served as a Clinical Associate Professor at the Univ. of Texas Medical School at San Antonio in the Dept. of Otolaryngology from 1994-1996. Over the past decade, he has been invited to speak at 40+ national conferences due to his expertise. During his career, he has routinely volunteered his time in numerous academic pursuits including intimate involvement in assisting in the design of numerous masters and doctorate candidate projects for the Depts. of Kinesiology, Psychology and Speech and Language Development at the Univ. of Texas at Austin, as well as, opening a patient database for these endeavors. He has also had the pleasure of participating in two separate doctoral candidate review boards at the Univ of Texas.

Barry Smeltzer 2.jpg

Barry Smeltzer, MPAS, PA-C

Barry Smeltzer MPAS, PA-C BCIP is a holistic practitioner and owner of Healing Provisions, PLLC, specializing in biomedical and environmental medicine. He has his Masters in Physician Assistant studies from Finch University/Chicago Medical School. Barry is Board Certified in Integrative Pediatrics and is a member of the Academy of Environmental Medicine and American Association of Integrative Medicine.

Barry has dedicated his career to healing children, adults and families after his own son was diagnosed with multiple medical conditions, from which all he has significantly improved and no longer has a diagnosis of autism. Barry is an expert in the medical benefits of Camel's Milk and utilizing Low Dose Allergen/Low Dose Immunotherapy. Barry has spoken all over the country regarding these topics and more for organizations like Generation Rescue, National Autism Association, Autism One, TACA, Holistic Moms Network, Any Baby Can, and the South Texas Special Needs Network

Some of the health issues Barry addresses are adrenal fatigue, ADD/ADHD, allergies, autism spectrum disorders, bowel issues/disorders, chronic inflammation, chronic infections (viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, EBV, Lyme), detoxification disorders, eczema, environmental toxicity, gastrointestinal issues, heavy metal burden, hormone imbalances, immune dysregulation, malabsorption/maldigestion, mitochondrial dysfunction, MTHFR, neurotransmitter issues, nutritional deficiencies, PANDAS/PANS, rashes, and thyroid conditions. He schedules in office visits at his offices in San Antonio and Austin, TX and is available via skype and telemedicine consultations upon request.

Barry is also the owner of and recently hosted a webinar regarding the significance of and treatments for epigenetics and preconception/pregnancy.

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Peter Sullivan

Peter Sullivan is the founder and CEO of Clear Light Ventures, Inc., as well as an environmental health funder who focuses on toxins and wireless safety. He has spent the last 15 years successfully recovering his two sons from autism and sensory issues. Peter’s work on detoxification and EMF (electromagnetic fields) have been featured in the book Toxin Toxout, the book The Out of Sync Child Grows Up, Mother Jones magazine, Paleo Magazine, and CNN’s Morgan Spurlock: Inside Man. He is an executive producer of the documentary “Generation Zapped”, about the health effects of wireless, and co-executive producer of the film “The Devil We Know” about Teflon pollution. Peter serves on the board of directors of Pure Earth (, and on the advisory board for the International Institute for Building-Biology Ecology. Previously, he worked as a software designer, making software easier to use at Netflix, Inc., Interwoven, Inc., Excite@Home, and Silicon Graphics. He also served as an Executive Officer and pilot in the United States Navy. He has a B.A. in psychology from University of Detroit and an M.S. in computer science from Stanford University.

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Heather Wells

Heather has been studying and working with autistic children and those experiencing social, emotional, behavioral, learning, developmental, sensory integration, motoric, and other challenges for 29 years. She completed her graduate work at TWU and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and remained in Lubbock for her fellowship, and her resume’ spans hospitals, outpatient clinics, schools, Early Childhood Intervention, and home health. She shares her expertise regularly by conducting seminars for learning institutions and physicians from across the country.

Heather brings a broad perspective not only because of her vast professional background but also because she herself struggled as a child with visual perception and processing challenges and poor equilibrium, she has been the mother of the two boys she took in who faced neurobehavioral differences, and she is the daughter and caregiver of two parents with severe neurological issues. Helping children and families facing these types of challenges is her calling, passion, and purpose. She works diligently in her endeavors to help everyone have dignity and a voice and to live his or her version of the highest quality of life possible.

Heather has always been passionate about getting to the root causes of the difficulties these children face and addressing them at the foundation rather than merely treating symptoms, and that, along with our holistic, integrated approach, is what brought her to Brain Balance. Her compassion, insights, perceptiveness, neurological background, and empathy combine to help transform the lives of the children and families we serve. To learn more about Heather’s inspirational story and what Brain Balance is all about, please see the feature done on her and our program here.

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Debbie Wilks

With over 40 years experience educating students with disabilities, Debbie Wilkes now provides support to parents, schools and universities in the area of transition, work-based learning, assessment and person-directed planning. She is the board secretary for The Arc of Texas and serves on the committees for Governmental Affairs and Inclusion Works! As a board member for My Possibilities, a continuing education program for people with developmental disabilities, she has created the Educational Framework. She is an Associate with the Institute on Person Centered Practices,a collaborative partnership between the Center on Disability Studies at the University of Texas at Austin and the Center on Disability and Development at Texas A&M University. The employment curriculum written by Ms. Wilkes is implemented at University of Texas Southwestern Hospital and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Celebrity Keynote with Jenny McCarthy & Special Guests

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Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy’s honesty, humility and humor have enabled her to transcend the boundaries of her roles as comedian, actress, host, best-selling author and influential activist in the world of healing and preventing autism. When she first made her own experience with her son Evan’s diagnosis and subsequent recovery from autism, her unique ability to articulate the unspoken words of thousands of mothers and fathers across the world was recognized immediately. A highly-regarded NY Times Best Selling author, McCarthy’s books include the bestsellers Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism and Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds, and Healing and Preventing Autism, co-written with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel.

Upon completion of her 10th book, Jenny decided to re-focus her attention on her first love – TV, radio and comedy. The actress and one-time “Singled Out” star co-hosted with the ladies of ABC’s The View during the 2013-2014 season in addition to co-hosting Ryan Seacrest, reporting live from Times Square on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve every December 31st.

Jenny is a board member of Generation Rescue, an organization dedicated to recovery for children with autism spectrum disorders by providing guidance and support for medical treatment to directly improve the child’s quality of life for all families in need. Currently, you can listen to Jenny weekday mornings on The Jenny McCarthy show on Sirius XM.

Jenny McCarthy currently resides in St. Charles, Illinois with her son, Evan and husband, Donnie Wahlberg.