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AES Schedule

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2018 Conference Schedule

Daily Tracks* 

KICKSTART YOUR JOURNEY - A track for beginners looking to jumpstart your biomedical journey.

AMP UP YOUR JOURNEY - A track for seasoned pros looking to recharge or take the next step on your journey.

ADD ON TO YOUR JOURNEY - A track of complimentary therapies to aid you on your journey. 

*You're welcome to attend any session, regardless of track.

Please note, the following schedule may change or be updated at any time prior to the event. 

Friday, September 28

Marketplace Mingle & Registration

8:30–9:30am Concurrent Lectures

Autism is Medical
Speaker: Dr. Dan Rossignol, Tate 2
Mitochondrial issues, seizures and overview of co-morbidities with Dr. Dan Rossignol.

Is Ketogenic the New Autism Diet?
Speaker: Dr. Will Cole, Tate 1
Next level nutrition with an overview of how to test for which diets fit your child’s needs with Dr. Will Cole.

Detoxification Essentials
Dr. Christopher Shade, Tate 5
Dr. Shade explains the use of toxin binders and cholagogues (bile flow promoters) in detoxification protocols. 


How to End the Autism Epidemic (followed by book signing)
Speaker: JB Handley, Tate Keynote Ballroom
Generation Rescue’s co-founder J.B. Handley offers a compelling, science-based explanation of what’s causing the autism epidemic, the lies that enable its perpetuation, and the steps we must take as parents and as a society in order to end it.

11–11:30am Marketplace Mingle

11:45–1pm Concurrent Lectures

It All Starts in the Gut
Speakers: Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, Dr. Dan Rossignol, Dr. Anju Usman-Singh, Tate 2
Panel with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, Dr. Dan Rossignol, & Dr. Anju Usman-Singh on why healing begins in the gut with the science to back it.

New Nutrigenomic Findings in Autism
Dr. Kendal Stewart, Tate 1
New genomic findings in autism that will forever change recovery potential with Dr. Kendal Stewart

The Gut-Brain Continuum in Autism
Dr. Zach Bush, Tate 5 
Dr. Zach Bush breaks down the gut-brain continuum in autism — the intertwined biology of the human gut and serologic system.

1–2pm Lunch & Marketplace Mingle

Power Hour with BodyBio: Stay fueled for a day full of learning. Come grab a quick brain-boosting smoothie to keep you focused during sessions at the BodyBio booth!

2–3:15pm Special Panel

Me Time: Healing Starts With You (followed by book signing)
Speakers: Dr. Taz Bhatia, Dr. Amy Myers, Tate Keynote Ballroom
Panel with Dr. Taz Bhatia and Dr. Amy Myers on the importance of taking care of yourself, lab tests you can run, and how healing autoimmunity begins with the caregiver, followed by book signing.

 3:15–3:45pm Marketplace Mingle

 3:45–4:45pm Concurrent Lectures

 Autism Diets: Where Do I Begin?
Speaker: Barry Smeltzer, Tate 5 
Barry Smeltzer breaks down the importance of nutrition and where to begin. 

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism  
Speaker: Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez, Tate 2 
The Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by dysfunctions in social interaction and communication skills, in addition to repetitive and stereotypic verbal and nonverbal behaviors. While we are still unclear about the disorder’s pathophysiology, it’s recently been shown that systemic chronic inflammation, immune dysfunction, and increased gut permeability are important contributing factors which can be improved by stem cell therapy. Conventional therapeutic approaches are based on behavioral and dietary modifications but they often fail to provide significant improvements quick enough for parents to adhere to long term treatment protocols. For over 8 years, our work has provided a way to address the underlying causes of the clinical manifestations of autism. Our experience shows that patients get more significant improvements from the typical interventions in gastrointestinal function, cognition, and verbal and social skills after stem cell therapy than patients treated with conventional therapies alone. Considering how safe our approach is for the patients and the apparent lack of mid to long-term adverse effects, the therapy presented should become a standard component in the management of autism.

Time to Call the Chiro!
Speaker: Dr. David Foss, Tate 1
Dr. David Foss breaks down the importance of chiropractic care, the vagus nerve’s relationship to individuals with autism, and when it’s time to call a chiropractor!

5–6:15pm Special Panel

Wellness Warriors Panel Presented by World Stem Cells Clinic
Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Darin Ingels, Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez, Dr. Amy Myers, Dr. William Shaw, Dr. Jared Skowron, Dr. Kendal Stewart, Tate Keynote Ballroom
Leaders in functional medicine answer questions about the latest research and treatment solutions for families affected by autism, featuring Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez, Dr. Amy Myers, Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Darin Ingels, Dr. Kendal Stewart, Dr. Jared Skowron, and Dr. William Shaw, followed by book signing.

6:15–7pm Special Event

Friday Night Networking Reception Presented by GX Sciences
Summit Marketplace
Meet your fellow Summit attendees and wellness warriors in the Summit Marketplace for our Friday Night Networking reception, presented by GX Sciences.

Saturday, September 29

8–8:30am Registration & Marketplace Opens

 8-9:00am Concurrent Lectures

Let's Talk About Labs
Speaker: Dr. Amber Brooks, Tate 5 
An overview of lab testing, where to begin, what to expect and which tests you should run with Dr. Amber Brooks.

I Have Lab Tests, Where Do I Go From Here?
Speaker: Dr. Jared Skowron, Tate 1
An overview of how to read your lab test results and use them to determine the next steps in your autism treatment protocol with Dr. Jared Skowron.

Rescue the Brain on Fire
Dr. Patricia Kane, Tate 2
Dr. Patricia Kane breaks down how to calm inflammation and tame the brain! Followed by a Q&A at the BodyBio booth.

9:05 -9:35am General Session

Quality Social Connections Make Us Happier and Healthier
Speaker: David Schoonmaker, Tate Keynote Ballroom
Chalkin’ Social Founder, David Schoonmaker will show the presentations, stats, and personal events that led to the creation of Chalkin’ Social. You’ll see that Chalkin’ Social all started with a face-to-face discussion. Come learn more at AES.

9:45–11am Medical Keynote
Powerful Strategies to Improve Molecular Causes of Autism
Speaker: Dr. Joseph Mercola, Tate Keynote Ballroom
Review of the most important and effective strategies I have encountered in the last 20 years to remediate the neurodegeneration in autism. Topics covered will be:

  • EMFs

  • Glyphosate

  • Metabolic optimization through partial fasting

  • NAD+

  • Detoxification

  • Molecular hydrogen

  • Testing

11:15am–2pm Celebrity Keynote
Presented by Voxx Life
Speakers: Jenny McCarthy and Annie Hopper, Keynote Ballroom
Jenny McCarthy takes the stage for a special keynote address with some very special guests, followed by a photo opportunity with Jenny McCarthy and panelists.

1–2pm  Lunch & Marketplace Mingle

Power Hour with BodyBio: Stay fueled for a day full of learning. Come grab a quick brain-boosting smoothie to keep you focused during sessions at the BodyBio booth! 

2:15–3:30pm Concurrent Lectures

IonCleanse by AMD Detoxification
Terri Hirning, Tate 2
A mother, practitioner, and researcher shares her personal and clinical experiences using the IonCleanse by AMD detoxification system.

Navigating Neurology
Speaker: Dr. Ronald Aung-Din, Tate 5 
Treating seizures and inflammation of the brain with Dr. Ronald Aung-Din.

Simplifying Autism: Removing Barriers
Peter Sullivan, Tate 1 
Peter Sullivan reviews a list of known and suspected environmental factors, including EMFs, as well as practical ways you can start to reduce your exposures. 

3:30–4pm, Marketplace Mingle

4–5pm Concurrent Lectures

Why Do I Need Vitamins?
Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, Tate 1 
An overview of which supplements should be in your medicine cabinet with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel.

Let's Talk About Lyme Panel
Speakers: Dr. David Dornfeld, Dr. Darin Ingels, Dr. Anju Usman-Singh, Tate 2 
Dr. Darin Ingles, Dr. David Dornfeld and Dr. Anju Usman-Singh break down the autism/Lyme connection and how to fight inflammation and beat Lyme.

The Gut-Brain Connection
Dr. Marco Ruggiero, Tate 5 
The relationship between gut and brain microbiota as it relates to autism and immune system function with Dr. Marco Ruggiero.

5:15–6:30pm Concurrent Lectures

Putting it All Together to Start Your Journey – Ask Your Questions of the Experts
Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, Dr. Dan Rossignol, Tate 2 
Now you’ve got the basics, what questions do you still have? With Dr. Jerry Kartzinel & Dr. Dan Rossignol.

Combating Candida & Pesky Parasites
Speaker: Dr. Anju Usman-Singh, Tate 5 
Strategies for tackling next-level gut issues with Dr. Anju Usman-Singh.

How to Travel with Kids with Special Needs
Speakers: Debra Kerper, Ron Pettit, Tate 1 
Ready for a vacation? The Royal Caribbean crew shares strategies for families with kids with special needs to make travel more seamless.

7:30-10pm Roaring '20s Party
Have no fear, there’s no prohibition here! This year, we’re throwing it back to the 1920s! So grab your best Gatsby gear and get ready for a Saturday night soiree like no other. You never know what special guests may show up ;)  

Sunday, September 30

8–9:00am Marketplace Mingle

 9–10am Specialty Q&A Clinics

 What No One Has Ever Told You About Autism...
Hosted by Heather Wells , Tate 2
These are some of the questions that will be answered (and more)...:

  • What is the root cause of my child's challenges?

  • What is going on in the brain of the autistic child?

  • What is the real reason my autistic child does not communicate/socially engage?

  • What is out of sync in the autistic child from a social, emotional, behavioral, sensory, and mind/brain/gut perspective?

  • Why can my child perform certain functional skills in a structured setting, and then it does not generalize to more natural contexts?

  • What can I do about it?

From CBD to THC & Everything in Between
Panelists: Mieko Perez & Dr. Ronald Aung-Din, Tate 1
Join Dr. Aung-Din alongside advocate Mieko Perez for a special question and answer series to help break down the booming industry of medical cannabis.

The Latest in Cutting Edge Therapies
Panelists: Barry Smeltzer, Dr. Kendall Stewart, Peter Sullivan, Tate 5
Join Barry Smeltzer, Dr. Kendal Stewart, and Peter Sullivan to learn the latest breakthroughs in autism treatment, from preventing EMF exposure to the woes of GMOs and mold.

10–10:30am Marketplace Mingle

10:30–11:15am Specialty Q&A Clinics

I Still Have Questions About Lab Tests!
Dr. Amber Brooks, Dr. Jared Skowron, Tate 2
Still confused on where to begin with lab testing? Or have questions about results you’ve received? Dr. Amber Brooks, Dr. Jared Skowron are addressing all your concerns.

Advanced Clinic with Rossignol Medical Center
Hosted by
Dr. Dan Rossignol, Tate 5
Ready to take your treatment protocol to the next level but unsure where to start? Dr. Dan Rossignol is addressing your specific needs to help you amp up your journey.

Transition to Adulthood Clinic
Hosted by
Jennifer Keese, Tate 1
The transition to adulthood is a time of great change, not just for our students but for the family as well. This panel will discuss the medical and behavioral needs of our teens and adults as well as changes to the family dynamic.

11:15–11:45am Marketplace Mingle

12–1pm Specialty Q&A Clinics

Back to the Basics with the Kartzinel Wellness Clinic
Hosted by
Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, Tate 2
Dr. Jerry Kartzinel answers all of your questions on where to begin treatment, from the basics of nutrition to simplifying your supplement protocol.

Support for Educators in the Classroom Clinic
Hosted by
Layne Pethick, Tate 5
Participants in this session will gain information on neurological factors that affect the behavior and learning of children with autism and will include such topics as stress and the brain, biological factors of the brain, neurological factors related to attention and emotion and the effect on behavior and learning.

Vocational / Life Planning Clinic
Hosted by
Debbie Wilks, Tate 1
Often people with disabilities are seen as having challenges; instead Debbie sees that we are all challenged to find the gifts and talents in ALL people. Participants in this talk will learn about person centered planning- a unique way to focus on our students’ abilities in the workplace and guide our students toward meaningful lives outside of the school system.